I'm a photographer. Surprise!! I specialize in High School Senior photography and also do headshot and book cover photography.  Check out my headshot and model site at As you can probably tell, I'm a little quirky (don't worry, in a good way. Not in the creepy stare weirdly at you old photographer way...I think?) I talk WAY too much...but claim to be an introvert. (It's true, I swear) Speaking of swearing, I do that, too. You might hear it when I get really really excited about an image of you I just took. I can't help it; it just flies out. Why is this good? Because it means you should get ready to pee-your-pants from the image I just created for you! 

I love to laugh and I'm super loud. And make ridiculous faces. And jump around like a dork. Don't judge me. I'm an obsessed puppy mama of a little Rottie pup. Her name is Millie but we call her the Gremlin. I love coffee too much. So much I stock a ton of it in my studio and will try to ply you with it. (Don't worry, only the good stuff). I specialize in High School Senior Photography because I'm OBSESSED with making girls look and feel beautiful and confident. I will find something creative and unique about you to create an amazing concept. 

Interested in something OTHER than Senior Portraits? I accept select commissions for Family Portraits, Newborns and Weddings. But only if you're super awesome. Which you are. I know it. Contact me we'll talk about how amazing your project is. I'm based in and around Minneapolis, Minnesota, travel throughout the state and have a studio in St. Paul. I'm also available for worldwide commissions. 

Office Hours: Emails and phone calls/voicemails will be taken and returned during office hours below Monday - Fri: 1:00 - 5:00 pm when not photographing Sat: Closed Sun: Closed


You'll also meet BilliJean - My studio office manager! She is the magic behind scheduling, communication and all things wonderful.

 She holds my life together... PS - This girl looks stylish even though the sweatiest, grossest shoots... I'm always jealous. 

If you want to bribe her for a good spot - send pictures of cuddly creatures or kitties.  It works... trust me.

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