Hi - I'm Megan (she/her)

 I'm a photographer. Surprise!! 

I specialize in High School Senior photography and also do headshot and book cover photography. 
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As you can probably tell, I'm a little quirky (don't worry, in a good way. Not in the creepy stare weirdly at you old photographer way...I think?)

 I talk WAY too much...but claim to be an introvert. (It's true, I swear) Speaking of swearing, I do that, too. You might hear it when I get really really excited about an image of you I just took. I can't help it; it just flies out. Why is this good? Because it means you should get ready to pee-your-pants from the image I just created for you! 

I love to laugh and I'm super loud. And make ridiculous faces. And jump around like a dork. Don't judge me. I'm an obsessed puppy mama of a mischievous Rottie Mix and the sweetest, dumbest Chocolate lab you will ever meet. 

 I specialize in High School Senior Photography because I'm OBSESSED with making high school seniors look and feel beautiful, happy, handsome  and confident. I will find something creative and unique about you to create an amazing concept.

Finally - in my studio, my staff and I create environments that your child can flourish. We cheer on the LGBTQ+ community and connect with those that are disabled or neurodivergent knowing that getting pictures taken can be scary and uncertain.  I promise you - we are here for your child to thrive.

This is Sydney! (She/They)

Sydney is the Studio Manager who you will probably speak to at some point.  They are the glue to keeping this business together (and me in line. hehehe)

Sydney manages scheduling, chatting with new clients and letting them know the ins and outs of how to get the most out of your session!