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May 15, 2019




For the past almost five years I’ve been in my St. Paul studio. I LOVED that studio – but sometimes we need to take risks to move forward.

I decided that I need to move toward my dream studio.

What does that include? 1100 sf, gorgeous hardwood floors, storage space up the wazoo, FLOOR TO CEILING WINDOWS (north facing for anyone who knows light – I mean.. the light is to DIE FOR), central to my house (12 min through town), central heat and AC, a huge makeup counter, Hollywood mirrors, and a sink for the beverage bar!  If you have ever been in the warehouse studio market – you know how amenities can be few and far between – especially custom builds and cozy details.

The reason this is super scary is I decided to take on this dream as a solo business photographer boss lady. Photography is a fickle and super expensive, costly beast.

It eats up all your money and isn’t always consistent year to year so promising 5 years of leasing rent is really really daunting…. but..this is MINE!

So I got to customize the entire space to my needs and wants – as well as create a really cohesive working space!

I worked with my makeup artist to create an amazing workspace for her and to do big hair/makeup styled shoots and events, considered what clients want and what I want and a space that is bright and joyful and workable.

I also have the freedom to rent out the space hourly, daily and monthly as my needs change.  I’m super lucky – I’ve already found some great subletters who are loving the space as well.

When you start out with a dream – sometimes it seems so far away. And to be honest – this was a HUGE anxiety producing move – it was hard to see the finished product through the vast amounts of stuff to do!

But – I did it. And it’s gorgeous. Who wants to come see?




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