I know how daunting prepping for your senior pictures can be! You first have to choose your photographer.

Do you go with the person who does all your friend’s pictures? Do you go with someone your mom chooses? Do you find the absolutely perfect person who can define who you are and tell your story?

To do any of these you have to be bold and know who you are! Isn’t that what your senior year in high school about anyway?



1. Do you like the images the photographer is showing? Do they speak to you with true emotion? Are the images artistic and creative like you? Are they glamorous and show-stopping with amazing hair and makeup? I’m very focused on bringing out the true you. No forced smiles. All of my images are created around YOUR story with co-created concepts and full hair and makeup for absolute perfection.

2. Do you connect with the photographer? The ONLY way to get amazing images is to make sure that you feel relaxed, comfortable and TRUST your photographer to do what they do! I focus on making sure my seniors are not only relaxed but also are confident and having an awesome time!! I will guide you through posing (yes, I’ll even look like a complete dork and SHOW you how to do things…hehe). Curious about how to pose? Check out my posing guide below!

3. Do you want someone who is active on social media so your images are ready to show off to your friends? (Yes? Yay! follow me on FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM)

4. Do you want both digital products and amazing artwork for display at your parents house? How do you see yourself looking at these images in 5, 10, 20 years? (I know, whoa…you’ll be done with college!!) I make sure to offer both digital products to show off to your friends NOW and also amazing artwork you and your parents will love love love for years. And years.

how to choose the right photographer


Think about YOUR story and what small things show this. Are you a dancer? Love pointe? What accessories can you choose that will artistically suggest this without being cheesy?

Location Location Location (fields, abandoned buildings, magical forests, art deco theatres, train stations….). I have hidden gem locations that will perfectly pair with your story whether it be a musical theatre maven or fashionista ready for the runway. Sorry I can’t tell you specifics- I only share this with MY seniors… (HINT HINT)

Finally- the perfect style accessories. Think about what you are wearing by defining what your style is and how that ties into your “story” look. It's a good thing I have a complete Senior Fashion Closet full of dresses that you can borrow something amazing from. I stock sizes from 00-18 - from high end fashion to cute and whimsical. Dresses you might just love

Do you need a rocking piece that can’t be found anywhere? Good news- I have an amazing partnership with THE COSTUME COLLECTIVE to get you THAT ONE PIECE that will make your story come to life.