Figuring out what to wear for your senior portraits can be hard.  Either you LOVE a whole ton of things... or you are wondering what the best options are. 

Don't worry - we've got you covered! 

When you book your senior photos with MEP, not only will you get a fashion inspiration guide with all of the details of how to dress for your body type, but you'll also receive a fashion guide to help help you plan the best options for your skin, hair, and eye color!

Some Fashion Ideas as you start planning your outfits 

Prom Dresses

Suits and Formalwear

Streetwear Casual


Patterns and Textures

Styled and Dark

Summer Dresses

High Fashion

Every single image you purchase will be fully retouched. 

Not only will professional makeup make you look amazing in images (but still yourself!) professional retouching can really put the final element of polish to your portraits. 

Professional retouching puts the final element of polish on your portraits. I apply magazine quality techniques to individually retouch each of your images. All images are hand edited - you skin will look smooth and real...never plastic. 

In addition to skin smoothing and hair control,  I hand design each image to achieve the perfect tones - dark and deep or bright and vivid. Each of the images is distinctly MEP, but also high quality and timeless. 

Check out my makeup fashion shoot retouch timelapse to see exactly what I do. 



Professional hair and makeup services are so important for your senior session. 

Makeup for the camera is very different than everyday wear. It's more intense and done perfectly to define your features to look natural and normal in your images. 

PLUS - How great it is to just show up with beautiful pictures and be pampered for an hour and a half. 

The BEST part?  Complimentary hair and makeup services are supplied for most  senior sessions!


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