How to look like a movie poster: Digital Art Edits

Mar 4, 2023

Senior pictures that are above and beyond what you could imagine using photoshop editing and green screen technology.

Sometimes in Minnesota we are a little limited with senior picture options. As a photographer that prides themselves on creating unique images – this can sometimes be a challenge!

We have 7 months of snow – so senior portrait season is jammed into the summer months before your senior year. Not to mention the hoards of mosquitoes, thunderstorms, ticks, heat, humidity, flies… need I go on?

Recently I’ve decided to dive into the world of digital edits for big epic images! What does that mean for you, my senior client? Everything. Anything. Can you image it?

Mikayla loves a certain show with Dragons and chairs (I can’t say it – cuz… who knows what the powers that be will see…)..

She brought clothing options and accessories to match and let me tell you. She did amazingly!

When we photograph on green screen – you will notice that there is nothing else around you. That’s because in digital art edits – I build the whole background from other images taken anywhere around the world. This process can take anywhere from 3 hours to 18 hours depending on the complexity.

When you come in to see your senior pictures after your session – you will see an image that looks like the below. It’s a raw, dirty image (named that by photographers because of all the crap you can see). You will get to pick out your favorite “you” and based on our conversations and planning – I will get creating!

Green Screen photo of high school senior before digital art editing. This is what your pictures will look like at your ordering appointment.

Once your image is complete I will send you a final look to get any little bits of feedback – and then on we go to getting this incredible image on your wall.

This is the finished piece for Mikayla’s senior picture digital art

For these portraits I chose a 34×50 canvas mounted with a black floating frame. For these images – the bigger the better. These are both IMPACT SIZED. How gorgeous!! (PS – did you know digital art editing is FREE with a wall art purchase? YUP! AND you get the matching digital to print whatever else you want!)

Room view of Framed Canvas wall art.


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