Are you looking for senior pictures that are unique, creative, and different than your friends? Do you want to stand out and show everyone WHO you are and the amazing things you do?

AWESOME! That's what we specialize in!!

Megan Engeseth Photography will create a session PERFECT for you - with beautiful styled images around your loves and talents...  You don't HAVE to go all out - (don't worry moms.. we get more traditional images too!!) but we can also design looks around your vision!

If you want your senior portraits to be TRULY unique, you've come to the right place. Megan Engeseth Photography will help you create the perfect Senior Portraits that fit who you are and what you do.

 All senior portrait sessions have access to the Senior Style Stash that includes vintage hats for classic, vintage beauty and fashion accessories to fit any fashionista. We even carry some elegant dresses in all sizes for you to add to your wardrobe!

Check out our yearly styled shoots below to get an idea of what we can do! 

Senior Pictures

Creative senior pictures

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Want something totally out of the box? Megan has a partnership with Costume Rentals (a project by the Guthrie and The Children's Theatre) to help you create the perfect unique look to fit any vision. Their 20,000 square foot warehouse filled with unique costumes and looks will definitely have the unique clothing piece you are looking for... And these aren't just costumes..they are gorgeous styles for the PERFECT vintage, styled or high fashion shoot you are looking for...


marie antionette INSPIRED


Vintage Rockabilly inspired Class of 2016 Senior Model Styled shoot! Featuring MEP Seniors Leni Sophocleus, Miranda Neuhaus, Amanda Millen, Hannah Mirviss, and Atlee Jensen. Video by Travis Johanson of Provid Films

downton abbey INSPIRED

Downton Abbey inspired Class of 2015 Senior Model Styled shoot! Featuring MEP Seniors Abby Punton, Lillie McAdams, Sadie Wendt, Harrison Wendt, Shandi Aguirre, Kylee Jo Pass and Audrey Heaney Video by Travis Johanson of Provid Films


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